Akbas, Ulkemin  (1981 -    )  

Nocturne in Red world premiere

Arutunian, Alexander (1920 – 2012)

Trumpet Concerto in A-flat major




Bartok, Bela (1881 - 1945 )

Concerto N.1 for piano and orchestra

Dance Suite

Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 - 1827)


Symphony N°1 in C major

Symphony N°2 in D major

Symphony N°3 in E flat major  “Eroica”

Symphony N°4 in B flat major

Symphony N°5 in C minor  “Fate”

Symphony N°6 in F major "Pastoral"

Symphony N°7 in A major

Symphony N°8 in F major

Piano concerto N°1 in C major

Piano Concerto N°2 in B flat major

Piano concerto N°3 in C minor

Piano concerto N°4 in G major

Piano concerto N°5 in E flat major “Emperor”

Violin concerto in D major

Ouverture “the Creatures of Prometheus”

Ouverture “Coriolan”

Ouverture “Egmont”

Ouverture “Fidelio”

Ouverture “Leonora III”

Ouverture "Consecration of the House"



Bellini, Vincenzo (1801 - 1835)

Norma Ouverture

Berlioz, Hector  (1803 - 1869)


Harold en Italie




Bernstein, Leonard (1922 - 2004)

Three Dances Episodes from "On the Town"




Bindocci, Enrico (1978 -         )

"Amarcord Suite" for Trombone and orchestra 




Bizet, Georges (1838 - 1875)

Carmen Complete Opera 

Borodin, Aleksandr Porfir'evič (1833 - 1887)


Prince Igor suite

In the steppes of central Asia

Brahms, Johannes  (1833 - 1897)


Serenade N°1 for orchestra in D major

Symphony N°1 in C minor

Symphony N°3 in F major

Symphony N°2 in D major

Symphony N°4 in E minor

Violin concerto in D major, op 77

Hungarian Dances




Bruch, Carl Friedrich (1789- 1857)

Concerto for violin N.1





Britten, Benjamin (1913 - 1976)


Simple Symphony





Campogrande, Nicola (1969 -        )

Concert for public and orchestra, "Three imaginary languages"

Cherubini, Luigi (1760 - 1842)


Symphony in D major




Chopin, Frederic (1810 - 1849)

Concerto for piano and orchestra N°1 in E min

Concerto for piano and orchestra N°2 in F min





Cimarosa, Domenico (1749 - 1801)


Concerto for 2 flutes and orchestra


Davies, Peter Maxwell (1934 - 2016)

The Lighthouse complete opera 

Debussy, Claude  (1862 - 1918)


Danse sacrée et danse profane

Petite Suite for orchestra

Nocturne for orchestra and female choir (original version)

Preludes a l'apre-midi d'un faune

Clair de Lune




Demersseman, Jules (1833 - 1866)

William Tell Duo Brilliant





Donizetti, Gaetano (1797 - 1848)

Elisir D'amore, complete opera

Dukas, Paul (1865 - 1935)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dvorák, Antonìn  (1841 - 1904)


Symphony N°9 in E minor, op 95

Cello concerto in B minor, op 104

Serenade for strings, op 22

Elgar, Edward  (1857 - 1934) 


Cello concerto in E minor, op 85

Serenade for string orchestra, op 20

Pomp and Circumstance, op 39

Enescu, George (1881 - 1955)


Romanian Rhapsody N°2 in D major, op 11




Falla, Manuel (1876 – 1946)

El Amor brujo suite 




Gabriel Fauré, Gabriel (1845 – 1924)

Requiem in D minor




Gershwin, George (1898 - 1937)

Un American in Paris




Glass, Philip (1937 -          )

Piano Concerto N.1 "Tirol"




Ginastera, Alberto (1893 - 1916)

Four dances from Estancia




Grieg, Edvard (1843 - 1907)

Holberg Suite, op.40

Peer Gynt: Suite N.1

Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732 - 1809)


Symphony N°45 in F# minor  “Farewell”

Symphony N°88 in G major

Symphony N°89 in F major

Symphony N°96 in D major  “the Miracle”

Symphony N°101 in D major  “Clock”

Symphony N°104 in D major  “London”

Cello concerto N°1 in C major

Cello concerto N°2 in D major

Honegger, Arthur (1892 - 1955)


Symphony N°2 for strings and trumpet, H 153

Pastoral d’été




Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778 - 1837)

Concerto for trumpet in E major





Khachaturian, Aram (1903 – 1978)

Concerto for violin in D minor

Masquerade Suite




Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (1897 - 1957)





Koussevitzky, Serge Alexandrovich (1874 - 1951)

Concerto for double bass



Liszt, Franz (1811 - 1886)

Concerto for piano and orchestra N°1 in  Eb major


Mahler,  Gustav (1860 - 1911)

Rückert Lieder

Symphony N.7 in E min

Martinu, Bohuslav (1890 - 1959)

Sinfonietta La Jolla

Rhapsody-Concerto for viola 


Mendelssohn, Fanny (1805 - 1847)

Ouverture in C major

Mendelssohn, Felix  (1809 - 1847)


Symphony N.1 in C minor, op 11

Symphony N.3 in A minor, op 56,  “Scottish”

Symphony N.4 in A major, op 90,  “Italian”

String Symphony N.10 in B minor

String Symphony N.11 in F major

Hebrides Ouverture in B minor, op 26

Piano concerto N°1 in G minor, op 25

Violin concerto N°2 in E minor, op 64




Menotti, Gian Carlo (1928 - 1970)

"The Medium" complete opera





Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756 - 1791)


Ouverture "Don Giovanni"

Ouverture "La clemenza di Tito"

Concerto for piano and orchestra K414

Concerto for piano and orchestra K466

Concerto for piano and orchestra K467

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra K622

Concerto for flute and orchestra K313

Concerto for flute and harp K 299

Concerto for horn and orchestra N°3 K447

Concerto for violin and orchestra N°1 K207

Concerto for violin and orchestra N°2 K211

Concerto for violin and orchestra N.3 K216

Concerto for violin and orchestra N°4 K218

Concerto for violin and orchestra N°5 K219 

Haffner Serenade in D major, K 250/248b

Symphony N°29 in A major, K 201

Symphony N°31 in D major, K 297 

Symphony N°33 in B flat major, K 319

Symphony N°35 in D major, K 385, “Haffner”

Symphony N°36 in C major, K 425,  “Linz”

Symphony N°38 in D major, K 504,  “Prague"

Symphony N°41 in C major, K 551,  “Jupiter”

The Marriage of Figaro, K 492 complete opera

Così Fan Tutte, K 588 complete opera

The Magic Flute, K 620 complete opera

Divertimento for string orchestra N°1 K136

Divertimento for string orchestra N°2 K138

Adagio e Fuga K546

Gran Partita K361

Exultate Jubilate  for soprano and orchestra K165

Laudate Dominum for soprano and choir K339




Piazzolla, Astor (1921 - 1992)

Concerto for Bandeon "Aconcagua"




Prada, Daniel Arango 


Prokof'ev, Sergej Sergeevič  (1891 - 1953)

Peter and the Wolf

Symphony-Concerto for cello and orchestra in E minor, op 125

Symphony N.1 in D major, op.25 "Classical"




Puccini, Giacomo (1858 - 1924)


Poema Sinfonico

Tosca, complete opera

Crisantemi for string orchestra


Rameau, Jean-Philippe (1683 - 1764)

Les Indes Galantes

Ravel, Maurice (1875 - 1937)

Introduction et allegro 


Concerto for piano and orchestra in G major

Rachmaninov, Sergej Vasil’evic  (1873 - 1943)


Symphony N°1 in D minor, op 27

Piano concerto N°2, op 18





Respighi, Ottorino  (1879 - 1936)

Ancient Airs and Dances, suite  III

Roman Festivals




Rodrigo, ​Joaquín (1901 – 1999)

"Concierto de Aranjuez" for guitar and orchestra




Rossini, Gioacchino (1792 - 1868)


Ouverture "Semiramide"

Ouverture "La scala di seta"

Ouverture “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”

Ouverture “Il turco in Italia”

Ouverture “Italiana in Algeri”

Ouverture “Il signor Bruschino”

Ouverture “Cenerentola”

Ouverture “La gazza ladra”

Rota, Nino (1911 - 1979)


Concert for trombone and orchestra

Strings concert

Saint Saëns, Camille  (1835 - 1921)


Piano concerto N°2 in G minor, op 22

Violin concerto N°3, op 61

Cello concerto N°1, op 33

Cello concerto N°2, op 119 





Salieri, Antonio (1750 - 1825)

Prima la Musica e poi le Parole, complete opera





Say, Fazıl  (1970 -         )

Concert N.3 for piano and orchestra, "Silence of Anatolia"

Gran Pazar Ouverture

"The Moving Mansion" for piano and string orchestra, op 72

Gezi Park 3, Ballad for mezzo soprano, piano and string orchestra, op 54

Concerto for Ney-flute and orchestra, op 39

"Never Give Up", concerto for violoncello and orchestra, op 73

Istanbul Symphony

Symphonic Dances

Concerto for Flute and orchestra, op.76





Schubert, Franz (1797 - 1828)


Symphony N°2 in B flat major, D 125

Symphony N°3 in D major, D 200

Symphony N°5 in B flat major, D485

Ouverture in the Italian style in C major, D 591




Schumann, Clara (1819 - 1896)

Concerto for piano and orchestra in A min, op.7





Schumann, Robert (1810 - 1856)

Symphony N°1 in B flat major "Spring"

Concerto for cello and orchestra in A min, op.129




Shaw, Caroline (1982 -          )




Shostakovich,​ Dmitri Dmitriyevich (1906 – 1975)

Symphony No. 9 in E-flat major, Op. 70





Sibelius, Jean (1865 – 1957)

Concert for violin in D min, Op. 47





Strauss, ​Johann SR (1804 - 1849)

Radetzky March 





Strauss, ​Johann JR  (1825 - 1899)

"Fledermaus" Ouverture

"Zigeunerbaron" Ouverture

"Frühlingsstimmen" Walzer

"Wein, Weib und Gesang" Walzer

Pizzicato Polka

Kaiser Waltzer

Stravinskij, Igor Fëdorovič (1882 - 1971)


Firebird, version 1919

Histoire du soldat


Concerto in E flat “Dumbarton Oaks”

Symphony of Psalms 

Dances Concertantes





Sumera, Lepo (1950 – 2000)

Musica Profana





Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich  (1840 - 1893)


Symphony N°3 in D major, op 29

Symphony N°5 in E minor op 64

Symphony N°6 in B minor, op 74

The Nutcracker (suite), op 71a

Violin concerto in D major, op 35

Serenade for strings, op 48

Capriccio Italiano, op 45

Rococò variations for cello and orchestra, op 33





Ulvi, Cemal Erkin (1906 - 1972)






Verdi, Giuseppe  (1813 - 1901)

La Forza del Destino, Ouverture

Ernani, complete opera

Nabucco, complete opera





Vivaldi, Antonio (1678 - 1741)

Double cello concerto in G min

Double trumpet concerto 





Wagner, Richard (1818 - 1883)


Sigfried Idyll




Waksman, Fabien (1980 -        )

Protonic Games 




Zygel, Jean-François (1960 -      )

La Ville